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Living at Christ School

There's always something to do at Christ School. Learn more about what it's like to live on campus:

Activities On and Off Campus

Student Activities

Life is busy at Christ School, but there will be time to kick back and have fun! Join your classmates at a tailgate for a football game. Take some down time in the Patrick Beaver Student Center to grab a snack or play ping pong. Catch a concert in downtown Asheville with fellow music lovers. Travel down the mountain to see the Carolina Panthers play in Charlotte. Socialize with one of our sister schools at the year's first dance. Interested in other activities? Talk to your fellow classmates as well as the Student Activities office about new ways to make your time outside of the classroom both refreshing and fun.

Dorm Wars

At Christ School, friendly competition goes beyond the athletic fields. From the first day of school to the last, our boys compete in a school wide experience known as Dorm Wars. Each dorm participates collectively in an all around competition involving academicsathleticscommunity service, school spirit, and ingenuity. Whether putting together a skit for Asheville School Week, encouraging a fellow dorm mate to put in the extra hour of study for an exam, or designing a seaworthy ship for our annual Regatta on the lake, Christ School boys find that working collectively as a dorm to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life instills a sense of pride and dedication that translates into success in and beyond residential living. Not to mention that the winner each semester gets to miss a day of classes!


Christ School recognizes that our students look outside of the classroom to gain experience and knowledge about fields and hobbies that peak their curiosity. Maybe an English class reveals a love of writing, or a biology class convinces a student that he wants to be a doctor. Maybe a religion class motivates a student to explore his faith outside chapel, or a concert trip inspires a student to take on the guitar. Whatever the inspiration, students here are encouraged to explore talents and develop skills through a diverse offering of extracurricular clubs and organizations that touch on a variety of interests. Some clubs and activities include the Angelus (yearbook), The Galax Leaf (newspaper), Choir, the Environmental Club, and many more...

Patrick Beaver Student Center

The 8,600 square foot student center is the nucleus of daily student activity and entertainment after the class day. It houses a 42 seat movie theatre, a barber shop, a fully stocked snack bar, pool tables, fireplaces, flat-screen televisions, a ping pong table, and an air hockey table. The student center also is open on weekends, where students can watch a football game or stock up on Greenie Gear. This is the place where you can relax, eat a pizza, and enjoy time with your friends.

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Servant Leadership

Part of being a member of a boarding school community involves looking beyond our 500 acre campus to a world outside in desperate need of our service. The Community Service Program at Christ School seeks to instill a genuine desire to serve others in Arden and the global community beyond. From walking dogs at the Asheville Humane Society to volunteering on a service learning trip in Costa Rica, Christ School offers a variety of opportunities not only to serve, but also to learn and understand the ways in which each Christ School boy can make a difference one hour at a time. See more...

Off Campus Activities

Christ School also recognizes that sometimes a change of scenery makes all the difference. Weekends are a chance to try a variety of off campus activities. Paintball, amusement parks, ski trips, professional or college sports, area festivals and concerts are just a few of the possibilities. Beyond Asheville, Christ School boys enjoy weekend trips to the US National Whitewater CenterPigeon Forge, TN, and other regional attractions outside of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Asheville is fortunate to have rich musical offerings and students have the chance to attend concerts on a weekly basis. Honor roll students can even attend the occasional concert mid-week. And every spring we bring the concert to the boys, hosting a variety of bands and inviting other area schools to enjoy a day in the sun at our very own Zeldafest.

Attending an all boys school does not mean there are no girls. Christ School has two sister schools in NC to share activities with. Dances, ski trips, rafting trips, rock concerts, and community service projects are just some of the opportunities to interact with girls. Be sure to check out the Student Activities page for a current list of upcoming co-ed activities.

Student Trips

There are many opportunities to travel. Plan for the school year with exciting and rewarding student trips, such as exploring and rebuilding Baja, Mexico, furnishing schools in Nicaragua, and taking a ski trip on the west coast!