Application Process

Apply Online

  1. Fill out our Inquiry Form to receive a username and password.
  2. Log into the online portal to fill out your application and submit the application fee ($50 for domestic students, $75 for international students).
  3. Submit recommendations from an English teacher, a Math teacher, and a Guidance Counselor through the online portal.
  4. Contact the Admission Office to arrange for a campus visit.

Mail in an Application

  1. Complete and send application form and essay. Include $50 fee ($75 for international students).
    • The application is available as a PDF for you to print and mail to the Admission Office, or you may fill it out online with Adobe Reader (free) and submit via email to
  2. Contact Admission Office to arrange for a campus visit.
  3. Ensure that English teacher, Math teacher, and Guidance Counselor all return recommendation forms to Christ School.

Please call us at 800-422-3212 with any questions.

Application Checklist

  1. Application form
  2. Applicant's essay
  3. English teacher recommendation
  4. Math teacher recommendation
  5. Guidance Counselor recommendation
  6. Academic transcript – please include grades for at least the past two years, plus reports of standardized testing (SSAT, ERB or ISEE)
  7. TOEFL scores must be submitted for applicants who speak English as a second language.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Boarding Student Admission
December 15th
: Non-binding, early action application deadline
January 1st: Early action decisions mailed
February 10th
: Regular application deadline
March 1st: Regular admission decisions mailed

Rolling admission after March 1st

Day Student Admission
February 15th
: Day student application deadline
March 1st: Day student decisions mailed