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Travel Opportunities

Several times a year students and faculty have the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and abroad for service learning projects or cultural experiences that challenge their perception of the world outside of Christ School.

For more information about travel opportunities contact Ron Ramsey, Principal: 828-684-6232, ext. 107

In the midst of COVID-19, school travel has been postponed. The trips outlined below are examples of past trips.


Kennedy Space Center

When: January 31 - February 4
Where: Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida
Trip Leaders: Dr. Harris
Approximate cost: $950

South Korea and Taiwan

When: February 29 - March 11
Where: South Korea and Taiwan
Trip Leaders: Ms. Chung
Approximate cost: $3,600


When: February 28 - March 7
Where: Belize
Trip Leaders: Ms. Clay
Approximate cost: $2,800

We Hear America Singing: Washington, DC

When: February 29 - March 5
Where: Washington, DC
Trip Leaders: Ms. Pulsifer
Approximate cost: $700