Who We Are

Our Four Pillars

The Four Pillars at Christ School guide us, set our priorities, and help define who we are. 

• Academic Rigor: We provide a curriculum that engages, stimulates, and challenges each student to discover his own academic gifts and to develop their academic potential to its maximum. Our engaged faculty leads, mentors, and guides our students through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

• Leadership: We provide programs and venues for boys to demonstrate their leadership skills outside of the classroom. Through our multi-level program, which includes athletics, community service, residential life, drama, outdoor, work program, and debate programs, boys have the freedom to lead, to serve, and to hone their skills as members of this unique community.

• Spirituality: All boys are on a spiritual journey, sometimes at different paces and with a variety of focus. We are an inclusionary community where all world faiths are recognized and welcomed. Each student participates in our Chapel Program which meets regularly and allows them to share their gifts to further enrich our community.

• The Dignity of Manual Labor: No task is too small or unworthy of a Christ School boy. We believe that involvement in the care and maintenance of our campus fosters a sense of ownership, pride, and service. The dignity of manual labor is a tradition and ethos not lost on the Christ School boys of today.

 Learn more about Christ School through our Fast Facts page, our videos, or by reaching out to the Admission Office.