Residential Life

Boarding students live on campus in five dormitories or houses: Cuningham House, Harris House, Bishop Noland House, South Carolina House and West House. Day students also are assigned to a house and participate in house trips and activities. At least two faculty members and four seniors are assigned to lead each house. Each house has two or more faculty apartments and other houseparents live in nearby campus housing. With the idea of building house unity and identity, houseparents have some autonomy in how their specific house will operate.

Study Hall

Study Halls are scheduled during the day and evening. These times are set aside for academic preparation and in-depth reading. Placement in daytime and evening study is determined by GPA and citizenship.

In Rooms / Lights Out

2nd and 3rd10:45 PM/11:00 PM10:15 PM/10:30 PM
4th and 5th11:30 PM10:45 PM/11:00 PM
6th11:30 PM/12:00 Midnight11:00 PM

Late lights may be granted on a weeknight to any student who has a legitimate need for further study time.

Simple Living

As the youngest of the Christ School residential students, the second and third forms participate in the Simple Living program to make the transition to boarding school life as comfortable and accommodating as possible. Simple Living provides the framework for a specific residential curriculum and guidelines to teach basic living skills, time management, and responsible behavior before matriculating to upper class housing.