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Western North Carolina attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. Christ School is situated minutes from whitewater rivers, formidable mountains, and miles of trails, including the Appalachian Trail. Forests and meadows comprise most of the school's nearly 500 acres. The pristine land serves as a classroom and training ground for the varied activities of the Outdoor Program. 

Outdoor Program Disciplines


The kayaking program is quickly developing into one of the best high school programs in the country! Beginner kayakers build up their skills slowly on the campus lake and work their way onto class 2 and 3 rivers in the area. Experienced kayakers get to push their skills to another level. After reviewing basic technique and safety skills, students travel to some of the best whitewater rivers in the southeast, in three different states.


Season and weather depending, they visit local rivers two to three days a week. Weekends are for day trips and overnights to rivers like the Nantahala or the Ocoee (where the 1996 Olympic events were held). Rivers include the Tuckasegee, French Broad, Nolichucky, Pigeon, Wilson Creek, Green River, and more. 

Kayaking 2


The climbing program is popular amongst our students. New Climbers begin on campus where they learn about knots, harnesses, rope care and proper climbing conversation with their belay partner. After ground school, the students travel to numerous nearby climbing areas such as Looking Glass Rock, Rumbling Bald, Table RockHanging Rock State ParkPilot Mountain State Park, and Sewanee (TN). Most climbing is done through top-roping or slingshot belays.


Students who perfect their skills may advance to learn about lead climbing and using and setting protection. The winter the program focuses on indoor competitive climbing. Students receive membership to the local Riveter Climbing Gym and compete there regularly with Asheville School and with other students from neighboring schools. 

Climbers will compete in four events this winter:

  • Saturday November 11th Qualifying Bouldering Competition at the Riveter in Mills River, N.C.
  • Saturday December 2nd Qualifying Bouldering Competition at Cultivate in Asheville. 
  • Saturday January 13th Regional Championships at Blochaven in Greenville, S.C.
  • Saturday & Sunday February 10-11th Divisional Championships at Stone Summit Bouldering in Atlanta. 

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Backpacking & Outdoor Living

Backpacking and Outdoor Living has carved out a special niche here at Christ School. Students take trips on the Appalachian Trail and into Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Mount Rogers (VA), Panthertown ValleyPisgah National Forest, and other locations. Shining Rock Wilderness Area is one of only two tundra/bald-like areas on the eastern seaboard and is just 40 minutes away. Students are taught how to pack their backpacks, proper clothes to wear, and how to practice "leave no trace" camping. While many students have their own gear, the Outdoor Program has backpacks, stoves, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and just about any other item that a student may need to live comfortably in the backcountry.  

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is a fast-growing sport here at Christ School. Nearly twelve miles of bike trails on campus and easy access to more challenging trails nearby, make for a world class environment for aspiring young athletes. Locations such as Bent CreekDuPont State Forest, the famous Tsali Loops, and Pisgah National Forest give our students more trails than they could ever ride during their entire time here at Christ School.

Biking 1

Many students come to school with their own bikes, but the program also has its own fleet. Beginner bikers are taught how to choose the correct size bike, safety check it, and learn basic maintenance before learning flat land skills and basic trail maneuvers. Advanced bikers can compete in local competitions and push their skills to the max. 

Biking 2

Disk Golf

Competitive Disk Golf is a tight nit group on campus led by Ken Tyburski, a sponsored professional disk golfer. From Long throws to putting to mental game, students learn what it takes to be a pro. With over 500 acres of land and an our own 8-hole disk golf course, Christ School is the perfect environment for students to improve their game.  

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing, held during the spring season, is a popular past time here at Christ School. With world class streams only minutes from campus, it isn’t hard to see why. Aspiring fishermen start off on land practicing their knots, fly selection, and casting skills. Once they have the perfect cast, they move on to our campus pond and to many different rivers in the area like the Davidson, Mills, East fork of the French Broad, and Wilson Creek.  

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