Dress Code

Christ School asks its students to dress in a manner that is appropriate for the school setting and in good taste. For this reason we have specific requirements for standard of dress. Faculty members have the prerogative of asking students to change their attire if the faculty member feels the student is dressed in an inappropriate manner. Questions may be addressed to the Director of Student Life.


Dress should always be neat, clean, in good repair, and appropriate for the occasion. When a student is dressed inappropriately, he will be asked to change immediately.

In general, a student is expected to abide by the following standards: No torn, fringed, patched, faded, wrinkled, soiled, or excessively baggy clothing of any kind may be worn. No clothing that advertises drugs, alcohol, innuendoes, obscene messages or messages associated with hate, racism, etc. is permitted. Wallets with attached chains are not permitted. Unacceptable clothing will be confiscated and placed in storage. Noncompliance with the dress code will be addressed by the Director of Student Life.


Every Tuesday and Thursday, students are required to wear a tie (jacket optional) with a button-down shirt during the academic day. Students are required to wear a coat and tie on Wednesdays from the beginning of the academic day through Chapel. Coats may be removed following Chapel; ties are worn through the academic day. Knee-length style shorts may be worn in lieu of pants from the opening of school through Asheville School Week and from Spring Break through Graduation.


(All seniors are required to have a Christ School green blazer. Contact Student Life for purchasing information.)

When: Wednesdays, special occasions, and other activities designated by the school.

Types of clothing: Suits or trousers and sport coats, leather or suede dress shoes with socks, button down dress shirts with folded collars, ties, and bow ties. Please note: Shirts and coats must have folded collars. Pants must be hemmed so they do not drag on the floor. Pants are not to have “slits’” in the cuff area. Pants are to fit snuggly and not droop around the waist.

What not to wear: Denim or anything that looks like denim, canvas, pants with utility loops (cargo), pants with bold outside stitching, pants or shorts with attached outside pockets, army surplus clothing, uniforms, overalls, coveralls, jerseys, athletic wear, camp-style work shirts with company logos or embroidered names, shirts without folded collars, hooded sweatshirts, shoes with open toe or back, boots, slippers, sandals or clogs, or shoes of similar style.


When: Mondays and Fridays during the academic day, and during other activities designated by the school.

Types of clothing: Shirt with folded collar, polo-style knit shirts or oxfords, turtlenecks under sweaters, Thanksgiving through Winter Break, shorts, slacks, shoes, boots, sneakers. Note: Shorts must be cut just above the knee (walking shorts), and can be worn through Asheville School week and after Spring Break. Pants are to fit snuggly and not droop around the waist.


When: Weekend and other activities designated by the school.

Types of clothing: School dress with the addition of full-length jeans only (full-length jeans does not mean denim shorts).

At buffet meals, cargo pants may be worn, appropriate t-shirts that are tucked in, and belts. Appropriate shorts are acceptable. No gym shorts of any kind are allowed in the Dining Hall. Sandals are permitted in the Dining Hall but must not be removed at any time.


When: Evening study hall, evening buffet meals & free time on campus.

Types of clothing: Appropriate shirt, footwear, and pants. No sleeveless undershirts.