Creative Writing Programs


Christ School students produce the school newspaper The Galax Leaf. In their work on the paper, students have the chance to learn HTML, digital photography, digital picture editing, newswriting, and web publishing.


Every year a small group of students work together to produce the Angelus, Christ School's yearbook. As part of their afternoon activities, students write about athletics, student life, and other important events during the year. They also take photographs that document the life of the school, and use computer layout and graphics programs to prepare the yearbook for the printer. Students enjoy this complex process - crucial for both current students and for documenting school history - and use it to learn valuable writing and design skills.


The Christ School community is brimming with talented artists and writers, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Struan, the school’s annual journal of art and creative writing. On its pages, you’ll find the inspired creations of students and faculty.

Read the 2017-18 Struan below