Unmatched Energy and Enthusiasm

Student Section



Christ School has scored eight points in the first 30 minutes of the game, but the Greenie supporters have yet to cheer. They sit quietly and wait. The normally raucous crowd is surprisingly subdued.

But just seconds later, Christian Nichols ’16 steals the ball from Asheville Christian Academy’s stud Jordan Shepard. When the jump shot is scored, the once quiet student section erupts. 250 boys dressed in a mix of pajamas, basketball jerseys, and green Christmas stocking hats go wild.

The energy of a Christ School student section is unmatched. When asked what makes our student section different, Will Janvier ’16 said, “We aren’t just fans. We live together, we study together. We know the team well. They aren’t just guys with jerseys on, they are our brothers.”

The players agree. Will Fleming ’17 said, “There's nothing like it. They have great leadership. Each game is a different theme, and they do a great job representing that theme.”

“Our fans are so loud,” said Associate Head Coach Bobby Long. “I’ve never coached at a school were the fans are as passionate as the Greenie faithful. I’ve also never been at a place where the fans are directly behind the bench. It literally tells our team that their fans are behind them.”

If you get the chance to check out a game, you’ll know which ones are the Christ School fans. They’re the ones in the ridiculous outfits, cheering as loud as they possibly can, willing their brothers and classmates to victory.