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the benefits of an 8th grade education at Christ School

Starting in 8th Grade

8th Grade Helps Students Excel

Christ School has a 97% retention rate of students matriculating from 8th to 9th grade.

Almost half of students who attend Christ School from 8th grade through their senior year are named senior leaders.

Over half of Christ School students who become National Merit Scholars enroll in 8th grade.

8th Grade Prepares Students for the Future

From Introduction to World Languages to Character Education & Leadership Development, our 8th grade curriculum is designed to prepare students for what's ahead.

We emphasize the development of the academic, social, and problem-solving skills necessary for success in high school and beyond.

8th Grade Helps Students Grow

Our 8th grade Becoming a Gentleman curriculum teaches students to embrace what it means to be a gentleman in an ever-changing world.

Education is life.

Whether learning is hands-on or traditional, students have to take the time to explore how the topics they study apply to their lives. Experiential learning allows students to discover answers by guiding each other through the learning process. In a cross-curricular setting, projects, field trips, and events are designed to help students bring their learning from HistoryEnglishScienceFine Arts, and World Languages together.

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