The Best Must Do More

Senior Leadership

Seniors are the leaders of the student body. Their roles, expectations, and responsibilities differ from those of the rest of the student body. In the belief that "the best must do more," seniors are required to act as the true leaders of the school community and to mentor the underformers. They also get special privileges as well as responsibilities as they prepare for college.

Senior Leadership Nomination


"Tapping" is an annual ceremony of appointing senior leaders (prefects, proctors, sacristan, and verger) for the next school year.

Senior Leadership 2019-20



Prefects: Justice Ajogbor, Jack Knott

Proctors: John English Hulsey, William Saye



Prefect: Ferrell Lail

Proctors: Andrew Hammel, James Treadaway, Joseph Visconti


HARRIS house

Prefect: Eddie Willis Fleming

Proctors: Jack Slattery, Jack Sutton, Wyatt Wilson

bishop NOLAND house

Prefect: Joseph Coladonato

Proctors: Kiki Alcime, Jackson Bewley, Thomas Bolick, Kevin Masson 



Prefect: Thomas McIntosh

Proctors: Henry Duggins, Connor Hall, Henry Muller, Hunter Williams



Prefect: Jack DuBose

Proctors: Jack Fitch, Jim Huang, Davis Warren, Richard Zantzinger

Verger: Richard Lytle


Sacristan: Connor Booher


Day Student Prefect: Cameron Akers


Day Student Proctors: Jack Galbraith, Miles Gardner, Michael Mahoney


Job Prefect: Wesley Garbee  

Honor Council Chair: Jack Adams


Servant Leadership Chair: Max Field, Patrick Shea


Spirit Liaison: Larry Johnson


Admission Office Liaison: Elliott Bell, Steve Papakonstantinou


Technology/Innovation Lab Proctor: Thomas Doss