The Best Must Do More

Senior Leadership

Seniors are the leaders of the student body. Their roles, expectations, and responsibilities differ from those of the rest of the student body. In the belief that "the best must do more," seniors are required to act as the true leaders of the school community and to mentor the underformers. They also get special privileges as well as responsibilities as they prepare for college.

Senior Leadership Nomination


"Tapping" is an annual ceremony of appointing senior leaders (prefects, proctors, sacristan, and verger) for the next school year.

Senior Leadership 2020-21



Prefects: Garrett Clapsaddle, Charlie Browder

Proctors: Jack Lee, Mitchell Donahoo



Prefect: Luke Stone

Proctors: Ashe Hamrick, Coker Ford, Coleman Taylor


HARRIS house

Prefect: Patrick Wilds

Proctors: Weston McGrath, Robert Donovan, Daniel Neuman

bishop NOLAND house

Prefect: Lex Long

Proctors: Alex Lontz, Billy Thackston, Tommy Li



Prefect: McCauley Hardison

Proctors: Cade Rodriguez, Keese Zugehoer, Bevin Zhang



Prefect: Sam Brie

Proctors: Sean Dow, Charlie Thomas, Johnny Wehner

Verger: Mason Lamb


Sacristan: Connor Jones


Day Student Prefect: Grant Haldeman


Day Student Proctors: Drew Redmond, Henderson Reynolds


Job Prefect: Tyler Bell 


International Student Liaison: Tom Tang

Honor Council Chair: William David


Servant Leadership Chair: Luke Rheney


Spirit Liaison: Mickey Meguiar, Painter Richards-Baker


Admission Office Liaison: Jackson Fender, Gabe Fricks-Starratt


Advancement Office Liaison: Bruce Capel


Communications and Technology Liaison: Robert Dong