The Best Must Do More

Senior Leadership

Seniors are the leaders of the student body. Their roles, expectations, and responsibilities differ from those of the rest of the student body. In the belief that "the best must do more," seniors are required to act as the true leaders of the school community and to mentor the underformers. They also get special privileges as well as responsibilities as they prepare for college.

Senior Leadership Nomination


"Tapping" is an annual ceremony of appointing senior leaders (prefects, proctors, sacristan, and verger) for the next school year.

Senior Leadership 2018-19



Prefects: Charles Redhead, Michael Wang

Proctors: Spencer Dyer, Borden Sasnett



Prefect: Ross Oakley

Proctors: Doug Bland, Hutson Ford, Jack Harrison



Prefect: Kobi Selby

Proctors: Thomas Smoots, Peyton Surface,Charles Thompson, Peter Zhou


Prefect: Andrew King

Proctors: Weller Kreimer, Drake Oliver, Hunter Tarves, Pierce Parker



Prefect: Coles Manning

Proctors: Zach Grinde, Ben Lowry, Will McNichols, Andy Su



Prefect: Marcus Berger

Proctors: Hagan Brooks, Hale Caffery, Hase Cooper, George Janvier

Verger: James Lopez 


Sacristan: Hank Pritchard


Day Student Prefect: Evan Hoyle


Day Student Proctors: TJ Bell, Will DuBose, Tyler Haldeman, Max LeCroy


Job Prefect: Thomas May  

Honor Council Chair: Will McNichols


Servant Leadership Chair: Jacob Dowler, Wyatt Gildea


Spirit Liaison: Will Clarke, Otto Thom


Admission Office Liaison: Mac Gortney


Technology/Innovation Lab Proctor: Zach Grella