Christ School 2020

Fall Semester Information

Operational Statement from Headmaster Paul Krieger:
Christ School will be open for the fall.  All activities of our school—teaching, housing and residential life, student activities, food services, athletics, and more—will still occur, but in accordance with the requirements of our infection prevention and control program. We will modify some of our activities to ensure that they remain safe and consistent with our commitment to managing risks related to the novel coronavirus.

Information for prospective families about the Admission Office and campus tours is located here.

Note that we will update this page frequently with more information, so please check back often.

KEY Documents


Screening and Testing for COVID-19

Families received a COVID-19 test in the mail the week of August 10th. Inside the package were the test and directions regarding taking the test and a strict timeline for returning the test for processing. To return to campus, students must have a negative COVID-19 test on file. Watch the "how-to" video for information on taking and returning your at-home COVID-19 test.

Daily Screenings will be conducted in the dorms and as faculty, staff, day students, and visitors arrive on campus. This includes screening questions regarding symptoms and temperature checks. Color-coded wristbands will signify those who have been screened that day. Wristbands are required to be worn throughout the school day. You may not enter school buildings without having completed daily screening and receiving your wristband.


In order begin the school year with in-person instruction and to promote engaged instruction that follows county and state health guidelines, Christ School has made the following adjustments:

  • Increased the number of sections offered per class to decrease classroom sizes
  • Increased the number of classrooms available to accommodate smaller class sizes
  • Adjusted the daily schedule
  • Organized classroom to increase space between desks and tables
  • Established directional patterns for movement between classes and buildings
  • Limited gathering sizes
  • Enhanced our ability to stream classes, assemblies, and chapel services
  • Due to the reduction of class sizes and physical distancing requirement, changes to student class schedules may be limited

If your son is required to enter isolation for a positive test or quarantine due to being a close contact of a person with COVID-19, he will have the ability to continue his studies online.

Student Life

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings (masks) are required whenever indoors, with the exception of a student's dorm room where they live. Wearing a face covering works to prevent the spread of the virus and is therefore a practice that will remain at the center of our daily practices. Face covering can include face shields, neck gaiters (outdoor use only), and cloth or disposable masks. Masks may not have any political or commercial messaging other than professional sports teams or college mascots. Beyond those, only plain, abstract, artistic, or Christ School-logoed masks will be allowed. Masks with a plastic exhalation valves and tied bandanas are not approved for use. Click here for CDC information on face coverings.

Physical Distancing

  • Christ School is a close-knit community which does not naturally lend itself to physical distancing. However, we will do so whenever possible. Classrooms will be rearranged, and all-school meetings and gathers have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. We will take advantage of the fall weather to hold larger meeting outdoors. We will establish directional traffic patterns throughout all campus buildings, rearrange orientation and spacing of desks and tables in classrooms, and limiting gathering sizes and occupancy where appropriate.

Chapel and Assembly

  • Both our Tuesday/Thursday Chapels and Monday/Friday Assemblies will be a combination of live-streamed and in-person. Most students will remain in their classrooms and Chapel/Assembly will be broadcast for these smaller groups to watch. Depending on the day, some will be in the “live space” to offer readings/announcements; this is also how senior speeches will be broadcast. On Wednesdays, instead of the whole community gathering for the Eucharist, we will likely be on a rotating small group (by advisory) basis so we can avoid having large groups gathered together.

Residential Life

A theme of the year will be "Simple Living." Read more here. Additional rules will apply to boarding students this year, including:

  • Dorm rooms will be arranged to allow at least 6 feet of separation between beds and desks.
  • Only residents of a dorm are permitted to be inside that given dorm. Only roommates and two guests are permitted inside a dorm room. All present must wear masks and keep the door propped open.
  • To limit exposure to the outside public, food deliveries are prohibited for the foreseeable future. We will be working with Sage Dining and Student Activities to provide opportunities for snacks and food.


Christ School Athletics follows NCISAA procedures, protocols, and Guidelines. Therefore, student-athletes and visitors to athletic facilities must abide by all Christs School policies, rules, and regulations. Failure to abide by these guidelines is considered a violation of Christ School’s Code of Conduct and will be considered insubordination, a major school violation that could result in dismissal.

Physical activity is a fundamental need for our boys and we recognize that exercise and competition are critical for the physical and mental health of our students. Therefore, athletics and afternoon activities will be part of their daily schedule. Although there remains uncertainty around inter-scholastic competition, we are committed to providing an opportunity for our student-athletes to continue in their athletic development and physical well-being.

Leaves and Visiting Campus

Due to the risk associated with COVID-19 and possibility of introducing the virus to campus, we are asking all day students not to travel outside the immediate area and boarding students to remain on campus, at least until further notice. We are asking that all student athletes who participate in fall travel sports communicate this policy to their coaches.

Find more details about weekend leaves and campus visits below:

9/18 –  Open Weekend (Saturday Classes) *Normally Open Weekends do not have Saturday classes, but we are unable to adjust due to the mandatory # of class days required by SAIS.
9/25 – Closed Weekend
10/2 – Parent Visitation Weekend
10/9 – Closed Weekend (Saturday Classes)
10/16 – Parent Visitation Weekend 
10/23 – Open Weekend
10/30 – Closed Weekend

  • Open Weekends - Boarders may go home with parents.  Boarders whose parents live too far away to visit may go home with a Christ School Student - (Both sets of parents must consent in writing).
  • Hosting parents are to adhere to safety guidelines and protocols.  Additionally, you are to assure that your son and guest do not attend teenaged gatherings outside of their home i.e., no parties. Please re-read the Parent Pledge and Student Pledge.
  • Visitation Weekends - Allows parents to visit and spend time with their sons on campus. Hours 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Saturdays) and 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Sundays) – Must contact ( or (
  • Closed Weekends – Students are to remain on campus – no visitors. 
  • Day students may remain on campus and join boarding students for after-school activities since they have been temperature checked upon arrival to school on any given day.
  • Students are discouraged from participating in sporting contests outside of the school’s scheduled team seasons.