Greenie Freshman Gets Patent in China

Greenie Freshman Gets Patent in China

Charging device harnesses solar power

Everyone has had that moment where their cell phone is dying and there is no power source in sight.

Edward Lin '21 decided to do something about it. The freshman has gotten a patent approved in China for a Portable and Flexible USB Based Solar Energy Charging Device.

Edward does not have the prototype here at Christ School. But he described it as a hat-like device with built-in solar panels. Edward mastered welding techniques and studied up on electrical circuits to build his charger.

"We used to go on a lot of outdoor trips at my former school and my phone's battery always ran out," Edward said. "That's when I had the thought of using solar polar to charge my phone. I could go out in the street and have an unlimited source of electricity. I found that putting something on my head, without anything blocking it, absorbed solar power the best. I'm just very excited and very happy to know all my effort paid off."

Edward and his parents, Lianjun and Yongmei, submitted the idea to the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China through a family attorney. The Lins heard back on November 1 that the application for a patent had passed review and been granted.

Engineering instructor Marcel Duhaime said that Edward is the first-ever high school student he has known of to receive a patent. Duhaime has been involved in education for 24 years.

What now?

Edward said he wants to fine-tune the charger before giving any thought of mass-producing it. This is Edward's first year at Christ School. His schedule includes two math classes and two science classes. He is also a part of the Engineering Club and the Outdoor Program as a backpacker.

"Some of my friends in higher grade levels and my instructors (in China) recommended Christ School to me," Edward said. "I like the school, everyone is very friendly and very nice to me."

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