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Parent Support

Like all independent schools, Christ School depends on the support of its community to raise funds for the Christ School Fund, which supports the school’s annual operating budget. The cost of educating a student at Christ School is not fully covered by tuition - making the Christ School Fund critical to daily operations.

Your contribution ensures we can continue providing an exceptional educational experience to our students. 
Your gift to the Christ School Fund —

  • allows Christ School to recruit and retain the best teachers and coaches
  • ensures Christ School can continue to offer new and exciting academic challenges both inside and outside the classroom
  • provides students with the tools needed to compete and perform at the highest levels
  • guarantees Christ School's ability to steward its beautiful campus

Annual gifts, whether large or small have true power. Families can make meaningful contributions, strengthening and enriching what Christ School offers its students. It is our hope that every family will participate in the Christ School Fund at some level. Our entire community, each student and faculty member, benefits from your support of the Christ School Fund. This fund remains at the core of our school’s success. Thank you!

Why is the parent participation rate so important?

Parent participation in the Christ School Fund is important for a number of reasons. First, by participating, you show your support for the Christ School community, the school’s mission and its faculty. Second, you help to ensure each student receives the benefits of the Christ School experience. Finally, outside organizations use the participation rate (the percent of alumni and parents who give to Christ School) as a means of judging the school. For example, philanthropic foundations review those percentages when making grants as do financial rating agencies when they calculate a school’s financial stability.

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