Student Trips

Several times a year students and faculty have the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and abroad for service learning projects or cultural experiences that challenge their perception of the world outside of Christ School.

For more information about travel opportunities contact Isaac Rankin, Director of Residential Life: 828-684-6232 ext. 182.

When: November 17-23, 2018
Where: Northern Finland
What: On this excursion to the home of the Saami people, we will have the ultimate immersion experience. With below-freezing temperatures and 21-hour nights, surrounded by a truly new language and a beautiful alien world, our boys will not only experience true Lappish life but build an understanding of what global citizenry is all about.

Please contact Antton Wilbanks at with any questions.

Trip Leaders: Mr. Wilbanks and Mr. Harris
Approximate cost: $3,200-3,500

When: March 1-10, 2019
Where: Greece and Italy
What: Study math, science and engineering in the places where it all began. Visit the homelands of Galileo, Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Euclid, Archimedes and Leonardo Da Vinci, learning about the history and development of math and science as well as the innovations present in these countries today.

Transportation: Commercial flight from Charlotte to Greece, ferry from Greece to Italy and commercial flight back to Charlotte. A Christ School van will bring back and forth to Charlotte.
Number of Students: 10-15
Trip Leaders: Marcel Duhaime and Beth Duhaime
Age and Skill Requirement: Open to all students
Approximate cost: $3,200, plus lunch and souvenir money

When: March 2-9, 2019
Where: Quito, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands
What: During this 7-day trip you’ll have the chance to explore the incredible wildlife of the Galapagos. You’ll also visit Ecuador’s capital city, Quito, a 500-year-old metropolis surrounded by the Andes Mountains.

  • Straddle the equator near the Middle of the World Monument—it was built about 240 meters from the globe’s horizontal dividing line.
  • See Pululahua Volcano, one of the earth’s only known inhabited calderas; it blooms with orchids and tropical plants, watered by a dark fog that shrouds the peak daily.
  • Hike across lava fields while looking for frigatebirds, which can often be spotted nosediving into the deep blue water.
  • Do some snorkeling off the coast of Tortuga Bay Beach, then stroll through an iguana sanctuary.
  • Swim between the cliffs at Las Grietas. Stick around to watch the sunset.

Trip Leaders: Ron Ramsey and Mallary Clay
Approximate cost: $3,600

When: May 20-29, 2019
Where: South Africa
What: Join us for a week-long safari near Kruger National Park. Learn photography and tracking as you participate in several game drives. Gather and report data on the “Big Cats of Africa” and plot their locations using GIS. Complete service projects at local schools. Contact Mr. Duhaime at with questions or to reserve a place on our team!

Trip Leaders: Marcel Duhaime and Beth Duhaime
Approximate cost: $4,000

When: June 1-9, 2019
Where: Amsterdam, Dunkirk, Normandy, London
What: A special trip offered to Christ School students and their fathers to commemorate the historic events of June 6, 1944. For additional information, and to register with a $200 discount before July 1, please contact Olga Mahoney at

Trip Leaders: Mrs. Mahoney
Age and Skill Requirement: Must be 15 or older
Approximate cost: $3,600