Winter Sports All-Academic Team Announced

The Christ School Athletic Department is proud to announce its All-Academic Team for the 2023-24 Winter Sports season.

The criteria for the team is as follows: A varsity athlete must have a minimum 3.5 grade-point average at grade check and no student life markings or demerits. Athletic achievement during the season is also considered.


  • John Barton ‘25
  • Bradley Campbell ‘24
  • John Jaber ‘25
  • Alex Jarrett ‘26
  • Jake Landis ‘25
  • Evan Reich '26
  • Tyler Thompson ‘24


  • William Hughes ‘25
  • Brendan Regan ‘24
  • Blue Simmons '25 (honorable mention)
  • Patrick Wang ‘24

This is the second year for the All-Academic teams. Each team will not exceed 10 student-athletes. The honorable mention selection is a Greenie who may not necessarily meet the above requirements but has displayed significant growth in his academic pursuits.