Mon, 12/07/2020 - 10:23am

Watch the 87th Annual Candlelight Service

As difficult as 2020 has been, the Christ School community has responded in kind.

Sunday’s 87th annual Candlelight Service was one more celebration of Greenies tackling adversity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic to maintain the school’s values and traditions. The Candlelight Service has been uploaded to YouTube with each segment timestamped for easy viewing.  

Christ School's holiday celebration of lessons and carols has been held in St. Joseph’s Chapel every year since 1933.

Father John Roberts officiated Sunday’s service which was pre-recorded to allow for safety protocols. Choirmaster/Organist James Cassarino had musical accompaniment from Ben Smith (cello) and Beth Trower (violin).

Sunday's procession consisted of Wesley Thomas ’22 (Crucifer), Luke Rheney ’21 (Torch Bearer), Tyler Bell ’21 (Torch Bearer), Connor Jones ’21 (Sacristan) and Mason Lamb ’21 (Verger). The choir was made up of Stewart Buchanan ’21, Noah Henthorn ’24, Luke Jennings ’24, Weston McGrath ’21, Tobenna Okoli ’22, Collin Schott ’22, Charlie Thomas ’21, Johnny Wehner ’21, and Jack West ’25, as well as faculty members Jameel Brenneman, Steve Chester, Brent Harris, Steven Kramer, Ken Tyburski, and Steve Stay.