Struan Magazine Celebrates the Arts at Christ School


Artistic expression will always be encouraged and nurtured at Christ School, whatever form it takes.

From poets to painters, illustrators to sculptors, no exhibit or show could possibly show off the collective talent of the school community better than the Struan magazine. More than 50 pieces from students and faculty are in this year’s journal of art and writing, which was published shortly before the boys left for Summer Break.

“The Struan celebrates the artists and writers who dream and create on Christ School’s campus,” reads a description on the back cover.

“Designed and edited by a dedicated group of students, our art and literature magazine displays select work from students and faculty. Over the years, this annual publication has included every form of writing and art, from personal essays to Post-It poems, charcoal drawings to digitally manipulated photographs. On its pages, the definition of a 'Greenie' expands to include those who find purpose, strength, and community in art.”

A painting by senior Daniel Du ‘22 adorns the front cover and took the first-place award for Art. Ethan Park ’23 won second place, and Colin Breiter ‘25 came in third.

Painting by Daniel Du '22.

Awards for Writing went to Ondrej Szkandera ’23 (first place), Cayden Jones ’24 (second place), and Noah Hunt ’24 (third place)

Senior Editors for this year’s Struan were Colin Brazas ’22, Tony Hao ’22, Ivan Mora Hernandez ’22, Charles Howden ’22, Michael Jaber ’22, Tobenna Okoli ’22, and Daniel Shea ’22.

The Board consisted of John Barton ’25, Colin Brazas '22, Colin Breiter ’25, Rocky Hansen ’23, Tony Hao '22, Noah Henthorn ’24, Easton Hoffert ’26, Henry Holland ’23, Charles Howden '22, John Jaber '25, Michael Jaber '22, Caleb Kurihara ’24, Cole Lewis ’23, Henry Lytle ’23, Ivan Mora Hernandez '22, Tobenna Okoli '22, and Daniel Shea '22.

Faculty advisors were Erin Price, Wyatt Long, and Emily Pulsifer.

Digital photography by Kai Rottenberg '26.