Tue, 11/17/2020 - 12:48pm

President’s Volunteer Service Awards go to 13 Greenies

Service Winners

Good deeds performed in their surrounding community is a natural impulse for Christ School students. And then there are the Greenies who choose to go above and beyond.

Thirteen such individuals were recognized with President’s Volunteer Service Awards in Tuesday’s Chapel service.

Director of Service Learning Olga Mahoney presented certificates and medals to the following boys: William David ’21 (Gold, Young Adults division), Wilton Graves ’21 (Gold, Young Adults), Sanford Gardner ‘22 (Gold, Teens division), Luke Gardner ’22 (Gold, Teens), Frank Howden ’22 (Silver, Young Adults), Ivan Mora ‘22 (Silver, Young Adults), Jack Rheney ‘23 (Silver, Teens), Charles Howden ‘22 (Bronze, Young Adults), Luke Rheney ‘21 (Bronze, Young Adults), Connor Jones ’21 (Bronze, Young Adults), Parker Davis ‘22 (Bronze, Young Adults), Triston Mowry ‘23 (Bronze, Teens), and Jack Cross ‘22 (Bronze, Teens).

The President’s Volunteer Service Award program was first established in 2003 and has carried on through multiple administrations. Minimum requirements for the Young Adults division are Gold (250 or more hours), Silver (175-249 hours), and Bronze (100-174 hours), while the Teens division standards are Gold (100 or more hours), Silver (75-99 hours), and Bronze (50-74 hours).

Christ School requires every student to complete a minimum of 15 hours of service each school year.