Mon, 08/31/2020 - 9:08am

New School Year Begins on Yard A

Convocation on the hallowed ground of Yard A was a first for Christ School, at least in recent memory.

If not 2020, then when?

Headmaster Paul Krieger presided over his 20th and final opening of a new year Sunday evening, brimming with confidence that an enrollment of 292 boys is ready for the challenges of in-person learning in a worldwide pandemic.

Mr. Krieger announced his retirement in May and will be serving the school community through the end of the 2020-21 school year. He encouraged the Greenies on Sunday to work hard, be authentic, have fun, and always strive for excellence with humility and kindness.

“I see a lot of character, courage, and faith out in front of me, and I want to wish you the best of luck this year,” Mr. Krieger said. “Remember that you are not at school, you are at Christ School. It’s our duty and responsibility, our mission, to do this together, to stay together, and to make this year happen.”

Social-distancing, masks, and frequent hand washing will be a way of life for students this fall semester and Christ School has taken many other protocols to protect students from the Coronavirus. 

Dean of Students Drew Hyche ‘94, Director of Residential Life Benjie Colberg, and Father John Roberts also delivered remarks Sunday. Yard A is the site of the original school building and allowed for ample spacing and comfortable seating throughout Convocation. Christ School's student body is comprised of boys from 18 different states and nine different countries.

Monday was the first day of classes and the academic year will run through May 16, 2021, which is Commencement for our 76 seniors. For more information on Christ School’s Fall Reopening, visit