Sun, 05/16/2021 - 6:07pm

More Than 100 Graduates Part of Commencement 2021

Circumstances beyond anyone’s control ultimately led to an extra special morning at Christ School.

Sunday’s crowd of family and friends in Yard A was surely as large as any in Christ School’s 121-year history as more than 100 graduates from the Class of 2021 and Class of 2020 were honored with Commencement exercises.  

The two classes were combined since last year’s ceremony had to be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, the sun peeked out from the clouds about an hour before the Appalachian Brass Quintet serenaded the procession of faculty and graduates from Wetmore Hall. William Saye ’20, Grant Haldeman ’21 and Teacher of the Year Duncan Barnes spoke before the traditional presentation of diplomas and Bibles signed by the faculty.

In his closing remarks, retiring Headmaster Paul Krieger saluted both classes for weathering the past 15 months in true Greenie fashion with faith, courage, and perseverance.

“Gentlemen, to the classes of 2020 and 2021: Be wary of the comfortable life because it will not teach you much,” Mr. Krieger said.

“It is the discomfort that will open your hearts, it is the discomfort that will open your eyes. It will be the discomfort that will make you grow and make you different from your peers. I would rather you spend 10 years negotiating discomfort than 100 years of celebrating luxury. Do not avoid the unpleasant, it is the finest of teachers. Now comes the time where you must leave us. As you drive down Christ School Road for the last time, look in your rear-view mirror and you will look back and see what made you. Then look forward through the front windshield and see what a wonderful, crazy life awaits you.”

The seniors are headed to 55 different colleges in 20 states and three foreign countries. A full list of college decisions can be viewed at this link. 

Christ School’s Class of 2021 consists of Ian Adams, Noah Beaulieu, Charlie Bell, Tyler Bell, Sam Brie, Max Brodeur, Charlie Browder, Stewart Buchanan, Carson Campbell, Ben Capel, Bruce Capel, William Chaffe, Garrett Clapsaddle, Lennox Cummings, William David, Mitchell Donahoo, Robert Dong, Robert Donovan, Sean Dow, Jake Easler, Jackson Fender, Coker Ford, Aidan Galpin, Andrew Graham, Andrew Grande, Wilton Graves, Grant Haldeman, Ashe Hamrick, McCauley Hardison, Connor Jones, Ethan Kemp, Mason Lamb, Will Laney, Jack Lee, Daniel Liang, Edward Lin, Lex Long, Alex Lontz, Weston McGrath, Mickey Meguiar, Cade Mintz, Daniel Neuman, Mike Peralta, Austin Perkins, Garrett Rathburn, Drew Redmond, Henderson Reynolds, Luke Rheney, Painter Richards-Baker, Cade Rodriguez, Grant Ruch, Ollie Searle, Cameron Seifried, Luke Stone, Jackson Swango, Tom Tang, Coleman Taylor, Corey Taylor, Billy Thackston, Charlie Thomas, John Thomas, Johnny Wehner, Patrick Wilds, Aidan Williams, Trip Yarborough, Bevin Zhang, Kevin Zheng, and Keese Zugehoer.

The Class of 2020 consists of Jack Adams, Justice Ajogbor, Cameron Akers, Kiki Alcime, Jerry Ayisah-Quaye, Elliott Bell, Jackson Bewley, Thomas Bolick, Connor Booher, Will Buchanan, Kade Chapman, Aaron Chen, James Cinque, Joseph Coladonato, James Coleman, Trent Cooper, Thomas Doss, Jack DuBose, Henry Duggins, John Dunn, Ray Faison, Max Field, Jack Fitch, Jack Galbraith, Wesley Garbee, Miles Gardner, Parker Groh, Connor Hall, Andrew Hammel, Lux Haney-Jardine, Beau Hecimovich, Jim Huang, John English Hulsey, Larry Johnson, Adam Keever, Jack Knott, Ferrell Lail, Davis Lindsey, Richard Lytle, Michael Mahoney, Grant Majewski, Max Masiello, Kevin Masson, Thomas McIntosh, Henry Muller, Steve Papakonstantinou, Thomas Patin, Theo Pearson, Max Redic, William Saye, Tommy Schleusner, Patrick Shea, Navy Shuler, Jack Slattery, Read Sunn, Jack Sutton, Kent Switzer, Barton Switzer, Jasper Thomas, Paden Thompson, Porter Thompson, James Treadaway, Charlie Tucker, Joseph Visconti, Davis Warren, Aydan White, Hunter Williams, Eddie Willis Fleming, Wyatt Wilson, and Richard Zantzinger.