Live Showing of ‘Humans of Christ School’ Friday on YouTube

Grab some refreshments and find a comfortable seat. Christ School Winter Film has taken care of Friday night entertainment for this week.

Students and faculty worked for months, shooting and editing “Humans of Christ School,” a selection of 20 documentary short films. Greenies who attended the February premiere in Pingree Auditorium felt like they came away with a deeper understanding of what makes their brotherhood so special.  

Everyone is invited to see for themselves Friday at 7 p.m. when the Christ School Broadcast Network’s YouTube channel hosts a live watch party of “Humans of Christ School.” Watch at this link. 

Among the profiles are Paul Krieger, who has been Headmaster since 2003. Under his leadership, the school has soared to unparalleled growth in enrollment, facilities, and morale. Some of the other individuals featured in “Humans of Christ School” are James Uhler (a two-time Teacher of the Year), Congressional Award Gold Medal and William T. Hornaday Silver Medal in Conservation recipient William David ’21, and University of Virginia football recruit Lex Long ‘21.

This was the second year that Winter Film has been offered at Christ School, taking the place of a traditional theater production in Pingree.

Greenies who were part of Winter Film included Lex, William, Durant Long '22, Tobenna Okoli ’22, Tom Tang ’21, Tom Tang ’22, Whitford Birthright '24, William Chaffe '21, Tony Hao '22, Caleb Kurihara '24, William Paschall '24, Ethan Park '23, Matthew Sorrells '23, Robby McAlister '22, and Steve Lin '23.

Faculty who coached the boys were Mary Dillon, Spenser Simrill and Ross Weathersbee '10.