Ken Tyburski Wins Inaugural Outstanding Residential Life Award

Head of School Dr. Sean Jenkins and Ken Tyburski.

Christ School’s commitment to the quality of teacher-student relationships and relational learning can be seen in the new Outstanding Residential Life Award. 

Given annually to a boarding faculty member who demonstrates dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment, the inaugural award is voted on by dorm prefects and proctors. 

The Outstanding Residential Life Award was announced last summer by Dr. Jenkins in his opening remarks to the faculty and presented Tuesday to Ken Tyburski. Mr. Tyburski has been a Math instructor and Disc Sports coach here since 2017. He is a dorm parent in Noland House. 

“He is not just dependable, as he doesn’t see duty as duty, but rather an opportunity to invest in his students and to take care of all under his charge. He is a great leader, mentor, and resource for his dorm residents and house parents,” Dr. Jenkins said. 

“He consistently checks with his residents on how they’re doing, what’s happening in their lives, their homework, and their dorm jobs. While he ensures his dorm is one of the cleanest on campus, and it is, what’s most important to him is the deep and lasting relationships he fosters with his residents.”

Mr. Tyburski’s honor was part of Tuesday’s chapel service, devoted entirely to recognizing other unsung heroes in the school community with citizenship awards. 

Morehead-Cain Scholar Tony Murphy ’24 and Teacher of the Year William Ballenger were announced as Sunday’s graduation speakers, each decided in a vote by students. 

Other awards given out were:


Mason Atwater ’24, Reese Ballard ’24, Whitford Birthright ’24, Leighton Blount ’24, Bradley Campbell ’24, Ben Fedder ’24, Noah Fleming ’24, Eyob Gill ’24, Mason Heth ’24, Jakob Iwanek ’24, Jake Jarrett ’24, Cayden Jones ’24, Jake Matthews ’24, James Mennell ’24, Tony Murphy ’24, Byron Park ’24, William Paschall ’24, Chandler Piao ’24, Weder Qin ’24, Dawson Reeves ’24, Ethan Rose ’24, Jace Self ’24, Jacob Wilde ’24, and Bill Zhou ’24. 


George Robbins ’24, Tyler Thompson ’24, Kaden Brown ’24, Bill Zhou ’24, Noah Hunt ’24, Mason Heth ’24, Patterson Dew ’24, Ethan Rose ’24, Ben Fedder ’24, and Vincent Lytle ‘24.


Hardy Johnson ‘24.


Noah Henthorn ’24 and Davis Mohorn ‘24.


Davis Campbell ’28, Pike Preyer ’27, Wait McCormick ’26, Wiley Kessler ’25, and Bill Zhou ’24.