Thu, 12/05/2019 - 11:52am

Christ School Commercial Wins London Award

Since its release in September 2018, the Christ School commercial entitled “Your Future is Coming for You” has resonated with a wide audience.

Past, present, and future Greenies have all seen themselves in the main character, a young boy exploring campus for the first time and unsure of what awaits him. Christ School’s academic, athletic, and club offerings are all given their time to shine in the frenzy that follows.

Affixxius Films, a company based out of the United Kingdom, shot “Your Future is Coming for You” in the spring of 2017 and used actual students for much of the commercial’s cast. The partnership between Christ School and Affixxius continues to be a win-win for both sides with added exposure that has come through international awards.

Most recently, “Your Future is Coming for You” was a Silver recipient in the Recruitment and Induction category at London's Event & Visual Communication Association Awards. The commercial was in competition with work produced for companies such as Amazon and BP.

"Your Future is Coming for You" previously won three Gold awards at the InspirEd Brilliance Awards in the following categories – Enrollment Video, Social Media Campaign, and Out of the Box Concept.

Affixxius worked closely with Christ School’s administration to come up with a vision for the commercial. Miles Latham, who is the Managing Partner for Affixxius, shared a behind-the-scenes look at “Your Future is Coming for You” in the video that accompanies this story. 

"To say that this film has turned heads would be an understatement," Latham said.

The Christ School Broadcast Network continues to show "Your Future is Coming for You" during its live streams of Greenie athletic events and the commercial has also gotten airtime on local TV during high school football games the past two years.