Wed, 03/10/2021 - 8:49am

Career in Physical Therapy Progressing for Jarred Lehr '09

Jarred Lehr '09.

Jarred Lehr ’09 always held himself to a high standard when he was a Christ School student, and not much has changed. Now in his fourth year with Southeastern Physical Therapy, Jarred is managing a clinic in Fletcher, N.C., only about three miles from campus. Jarred got started in physical therapy after graduating with his doctorate degree from Western Carolina University in 2017.

Question: What led you to choose physical therapy as a career?

Answer: I first became interested in middle school at a career fair. But while I was at Christ School, I hurt my shoulder while wrestling and that gave me the opportunity to work with (Christ School athletic trainer) Heather Bower and I realized that sports medicine was something that I would like to do for a career. Especially as an athlete, the idea of getting people back into their sport was what drew me to the profession. That has since changed because you can’t necessarily just work with athletes all the time, but that’s my passion.

Question: How has it been working so close to your hometown of Hendersonville, N.C.?

Answer: It’s been good. There’s enough separation to where it doesn’t feel too close. And the benefits are that I sometimes get to work with patients I know from childhood or patients I know through Christ School. It’s nice being from this area because I’m familiar with what it has to offer and can relate to people a little easier.

Question: When you’re not at work, what do you like to do?

Answer: I’m big into rock-climbing. I rock-climb at least three days a week, either at The Riveter (in Mills River, N.C.) or at local rock-climbing spots and I run a lot. My wife and I are both pretty active people who like to be outside as much as possible hiking, camping, and enjoying the outdoors.

Question: When you look back, what stands out about your time at Christ School?

Answer: I think some of the better memories were hanging out with friends between classes or at sports. One of the great things about Christ School is you develop really strong friendships. Still to this day, I talk to and often see some of the guys from my class. Having that peer support group was a big deal for me during a very transformational time. I had a good group around me who pushed me to work hard in sports and in the classroom. It helped me get into a good college and I kept that motivation going into grad school. I don’t ever want to settle for the basics when it comes to employment either, I want to keep pushing.