Alumni Launch AI Company

Top row, from left to right: Max Brie '18, Ted Peterson '19, and Beau Simmons '18. Bottom row, from left to right: Flynn Cruse '18, Drew Hamilton '18, and Bennett David '18. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF RIGHT PATH AI)

Right Path, right team. 

A new player on the AI scene has more than a few familiar names fronting it. 

Christ School classmates Max Brie ‘18 and Flynn Cruse ’18 co-founded Right Path AI, launching publicly in late 2023. Max (Chief Executive Officer) and Flynn (Chief Technology Officer) took on leadership roles and have found that the best business partners are their Greenie brothers. 

The team at Right Path AI has been rounded out by Drew Hamilton ‘18 (Chief Development Officer), Ted Peterson ‘19 (Chief of Artificial Intelligence), Beau Simmons ‘18 (Head of Infrastructure), and most recently Bennett David ‘18 (Director of Operations). 

Right Path AI promises to offer tailored artificial intelligence solutions for every challenge faced by businesses and individuals. 

The company’s website elaborates:

“Right Path AI empowers our people to develop and enables them to utilize exceptional products and solutions that level the playing field,” it states. 

“We foster an environment that fosters education, inspires passion and celebrates creative freedom. We don't impose rigid constraints; instead, we provide a dynamic space where brilliant minds collaborate and innovate as part of a cohesive team. Our team is dedicated to making our revolutionary technology accessible to all people all around the globe; ensuring equal opportunities for everyone.”

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