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The Galax

The Christ School magazine, called The Galax, is published twice a year by the Communications Office. Its name honors a traditional school emblem, the galax plant, which is indigenous to our area of Western North Carolina. It was also the name of the first school paper, the Galax Leaf. Among the first subjects taught at Christ School was printing, and the printing office began publishing the Galax Leaf in October of 1901. 

The tradition stands strong today with The Galax featuring stories from Christ School's campus, current students, and alumni.

Enjoy The Galax in digital form below. For the best viewing experience, read each issue in "Full Screen Mode" using the button at the bottom right corner of each issue.

The Galax - 2024 Winter Issue



The Galax - 2023 Summer Issue

The Galax - 2023 Winter Issue

The Galax - 2022 Summer Issue

The Galax - 2022 Winter Issue

The Galax - 2021 Summer Issue


The Galax - 2021 Winter Issue

The Galax - 2020 Summer Issue

The Galax - 2020 Winter Issue


The Galax - 2019 Summer Issue


The Galax - 2019 Winter Issue


The Galax - 2018 Summer Issue


The Galax - 2018 Winter Issue


The Galax - 2017 summer Issue


The Galax - 2017 Winter Issue


The Galax - 2016 Summer Issue


The Galax - 2016 Winter Issue


the Galax - 2015 Summer Issue


The Galax - 2014 Winter Issue


The magazine staff welcomes all class notes, photos, letters to the editor, or pertinent articles for submission by alumni. You can send them to Editor, The Galax, 500 Christ School Road, Arden, NC 28704 or email

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