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Graduation Requirements

Christ School requires students to earn 20 credits in order to qualify for a diploma, fulfilling the required courses outlined below:

English - 4 credits
An English course is required each year.

Science - 3 credits
Credits are required in Biology, Chemistry, and a third lab science. A fourth year of science is strongly recommended.

Mathematics - 4 credits
Credits are required in Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and one additional math course.

World Languages - 2-3 credits
2 credits are required in the same language.

History - 3 credits 
Requirements include 1 credit in U.S. History and two others.

Fine Arts - 1 credit
.5 credit must be in music

Religious Studies - .5 credit
New Testament, Old Testament, or World Religion are required.

Electives - 2.5-3.5 credits