Academic Societies

At Christ School, we take time out to honor academic achievement, and we have set up three main organizations to give students the recognition they deserve. The Headmaster's Scholarship Program is a merit-based scholarship program, the Wetmore Society honors students who exemplify Christ Schools principles, and a chapter of the National Honor Society recognizes student achievement in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. We also publish an honor roll each quarter to recognize students who earn Honors (B average) and High Honors (A average.)

Headmaster's Scholarship Program

Are you a student leader? Someone who excels academically? You may be the next Christ School Headmaster's Scholar. The Headmaster's Scholarship Program is a merit-based scholarship modeled after the Morehead Scholarships at the University of North Carolina and the Jefferson Scholarships at the University of Virginia. The program awards over $100,000 in scholarships each year, and these awards are based solely on the merits and talents of the candidates.

You may be nominated for a scholarship by your principal or guidance counselor, teacher, consultant, church pastor, youth leader, or scouting leader. Christ School alumni and parents may also nominate students. Candidates are then interviewed by Regional Scholarship Committee Chairs or Committee Members.

To find out more about the Headmaster's Scholarship Program, or to nominate a student for the program, contact our Admission Office at 828-684-6232, ext. 106.

Wetmore Society Scholars

The Wetmore Society is named for the founders of Christ School and honors Christ School's principles by recognizing the enrolled students who exemplify them.

Candidates for membership must excel in the following areas:

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 (B). They must have maintained this average over at least eight consecutive semesters at Christ School, and they must have attained honor roll or high honors for all eight quarters.

Candidates must show commitment to the betterment of the school community and a readiness to attend to the needs of others at the school.

Candidates must demonstrate personal integrity, and must not have violated the honor code in their time at Christ School.

Physical Rigor
Candidates must show a personal commitment to developing "a sound mind in a sound body" either through athletics or labor on the work crew.

All members of the school community-including fellow students-may nominate students for membership. The administration screens the nominees, who are then voted on by the faculty.

[Headmaster's Scholars are excluded from Wetmore membership because they are members of their own scholarship society. Wetmore Scholars receive no monetary award for their election, but they do receive free academic books.]

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 to recognize and encourage academic achievement and develop other qualities essential to democracy. NHS membership is a recognition of a student's character, his commitment to learning, his willingness to work for the benefit of others, and his willingness to take the initiative and put others first.

To become a candidate for the Christ School chapter of the NHS, you must meet nationally established criteria for excellence in four categories. For example, excellence in Scholarship shows in a commitment to learning. A student who excels in Leadership exerts a wholesome influence on the school. Excellence of Character shows up as a student works every day to make the right choices, and be truly reliable, honest, and sincere. And those who excel at Service show a willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without monetary compensation or recognition.

Students become members of NHS through a vote of the faculty. Induction ceremonies occur twice a year, usually in our Chapel.