Travis Holmes '05 Keeps on Trucking

Travis Holmes '05 finished out his professional basketball career with the 2012-13 season for the Surrey Heat in the British Basketball League. (Photo Credit: Surrey Heat).

Travis Holmes '05 Keeps on Trucking

Greenie Hall of Famer owns burgeoning Charlotte company

Travis Holmes '05 is upfront about it. The Christ School Hall of Famer does not have the desire, much less the time to play basketball any more. Holmes has a 1-year-old daughter and another child on the way. Plus, his Charlotte-based trucking company, TBS Trucking Solutions LLC, is taking off after just 13 months. Holmes scored 1,120 career points for the Greenies, and along with twin brother, Chavis, were the first Division I college basketball recruits in school history. They went on to set an NCAA scoring record for twin brothers (3,470 combined points) at Virginia Military Institute. Travis and Chavis both played professionally overseas, and are now together again in their hometown of Charlotte. Travis was behind the wheel of one of his vehicles for this alumni interview.

Question: You have a relatively-new business. How are things going with that?

Answer: They're going well. I've got five tractor-trailers and we're based out of Charlotte. To me, it's a lot of freedom. I do a bit of driving when I need to. I like being on the road and making my own schedule. I'm not working if I don't want to. I get to play golf when I want to.

Question: What type of things does your company haul?

Answer: We carry general freight, you name it. Christmas trees, scrap metal, rolls of paper, Gerber (baby) bottles, canned goods, everything. We're a non-chemical trucking company right now.

Question: Your last season of professional basketball was 2012-13 for the Surrey Heat in the British Basketball League. Do you play any basketball these days?

Answer: No, I don't have time now. Once I finished playing overseas, it was hard to find the drive to play for fun. Any time I have now is spent with my daughter. If I have free time beyond that, I'm on the golf course.

Question: You and Chavis both live in Charlotte. How often do you see one another?

Answer: We work out in the gym every day. We lift weights together every morning.

Question: You two really got the ball rolling here for Christ School basketball, so to speak. What do you remember about that time in your life?

Answer: The memories we made with our teammates. It's hard to really cherish those moments while you're in it. Looking back on it, the time being away from home really matured us as young men. And the run that we had was unforgettable. They were definitely fun times. Good times with good people.

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