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Struan Shows Off Christ School's Artistic, Creative Side

Struan Showcases Christ School's Artistic, Creative Side

Journal of writing and art comes out just once a year

The Struan is a decades-old tradition that never gets old for Emily Pulsifer.

She is one of the faculty advisors for Christ School's annual journal of writing art. And with every school year comes a renewed curiosity for what type of submissions will come from students and faculty. Last year's edition was 72 pages full of drawings, paintings, photos, poems, short stories, and much more.

"This is probably the most balanced group of submissions we've had. There is no set theme, there is all kinds of art," said Pulsifer, who began work with former teacher Betty Weil on the Struan six years ago. "What I enjoy the most is the unlikely characters who will bubble to the surface (with their creativity) that you didn't know was there."

The Struan editorial board meets weekly under the guidance of Pulsifer, who teaches English, and Art instructor Sarah Baldwin. There are copies of the Struan from as far back as the 1970s floating around, so it is a mainstay on campus. Struans from recent years may be viewed at this link.

"It's become an integral part of Christ School to me," Wyatt Gildea '19 said. "As a school that's mainly known for its athletics, I think it's important that we recognize those with artistic and creative talents, as well. Not only does it teach you more about the students themselves, but it shows a better picture of Christ School as a whole."

"I believe that the Struan is a foundation of the Christ School community," Patrick Shea '20 said. "It serves as a reminder to us all, that people can surprise us in unexpected ways. Personally, contributing to the Struan is a way in which I can give back to the community."

The 2017-18 edition of the Struan should be published by the second week of May, in time for graduation. One change for this year is that the Struan will be going to a smaller format (8 inches by 8 inches) to give it a more contemporary feel, Pulsifer said. Which Greenies will have their art showcased on the front and back covers of the Struan are kept a secret until it is printed.