Social Media Expert Returns to Christ School

Social Media Expert Returns to Christ School

Tierney emphasizes the good that can come from various platforms

Laura Tierney is not just another public speaker who makes the rounds, warning school families about the dangers of social media.

Tierney splices a cautionary tale or two into her presentations, for sure, but also espouses the positives of such platforms as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

"Social media is the biggest game in the world. And just like any game, you can win or you can lose," Tierney told Christ School students and faculty on Friday. "Every one of you is a role model for someone else. It could be someone here, or a sibling back home. You can use social media to strengthen your reputation and build not only personal, but professional relationships."

Tierney is the founder and president of The Social Institute, based out of Durham, N.C. Her organization works on social media education with private and public schools across the country, as well as Olympic athletes and Duke University basketball. Tierney returned to the Christ School campus for the second consecutive year with a talk to Greenie parents Thursday night. She then spoke to students and faculty during Friday's assembly. Juniors and seniors were invited to a workshop on LinkedIn as it relates to personal branding.

Tierney was a four-time All-American for Duke field hockey and played on the U.S. national team while in college. She used sports metaphors in Friday's talk, telling the Greenies to play the short game, the long game, as well as their own game when it comes to social media.

Tierney said she was excited to be back at Christ School for another year, and invites everyone to visit The Social Institute's "Social Locker Room" for further information.

"I'm really grateful for this partnership with Christ School," Tierney said. "It's turning these students into 21st century leaders, students who know how to navigate the world around them. These students are so used to hearing about all the negativity that can come with social media. They, more than anyone, know how positive a tool it can be. Especially with students in the eighth through the 12th grade, they are ahead of the game in social media."