Smoots Brothers Enjoy Independence and Togetherness

From left to right, Will Smoots '18, Harris Smoots '16, and Thomas Smoots '19

Smoots Brothers Enjoy Independence and Togetherness

Charlotte family has sent three boys to Christ School

Christ School students often talk about their brotherhood. Sometimes it's more literal than others.

Take the case of the Smoots family from Charlotte. Harris '16, Will '18, and Thomas '19 were all together at Christ School during the 2015-16 school year. Harris has since moved on to Southern Methodist University, while Thomas and Will are presently enrolled here.

"It's been a good thing," Will said. "I'm close to a lot of people, but having had two actual brothers here has been nice. I can rely on them for anything. It gives you a good sense. Even when we have an argument or a dip in our relationship, I like it most of the time."

Thomas and Will run in different social circles and live in different dorms (South Carolina and Harris, respectively) this school year. However, both play soccer, which naturally creates a friendly rivalry. Thomas and Will have looked at colleges on the west coast, including Texas, which would reunite the boys in the same state as Harris Smoots. Even though they are a year apart, Thomas said that people have always confused he and Will as twins.

"We have this weird connection. I don't know to explain it," Thomas said. "I may be singing a song out loud and he'll say I was just thinking of that. Things like that. I like having him around. There is always someone I can turn to. If I ever need a snack, he has always got food in his room. I'm taking the same classes that he took, so whenever I get confused or worried, he is there. Sometimes we get mad at each other, and it's hard to get away. That's when the campus feels so small."

The Smoots family traveled to Nepal over the summer, allowing the brothers to see Mount Everest, Earth's highest mountain, up close and personal. The Smoots family trekked to Everest Base Camp at an elevation of 17,598 feet. "It was incredible. Just looking down and feeling like you were on top of the world," Thomas said.

As usual, there are many sets of brothers at Christ School at the moment. Along with the Smoots siblings, they are: T.J. Bell '19 and Tyler Bell '21, Max Brie '18 and Sam Brie '21, Bennett David '18 and William David '21, Jacob Dowler '19 and Eli Dowler '21, Hutson Ford '19 and Coker Ford '21, Miles Gardner '20, Luke Gardner '22, and Sanford Gardner '22, Sidney Gibbs '19 and Saevion Gibbs '20, Kellen Graham '18 and Andrew Graham '21, Tyler Haldeman '19 and Grant Haldeman '21, Charles Howden '22 and Frank Howden '22, James Murphy '19 and Sean Murphy '19, Stephen Saye '18 and William Saye '20, T.J. Seale '18 and Ollie Searle '21, Faris Serafim '18 and Finley Serafim '21, Hunter Tarves '19 and Dillon Tarves '21, Cody Thiel '19 and Connor Thiel '20, and Gabe Witnitzer '21 and Ben Witnitzer 22.