Seth Scott '17 Named Duke Basketball Manager

Seth Scott '17 Named Duke Basketball Manager

Greenie alum one of four Blue Devil students selected

Screaming his lungs out with the rest of the Cameron Crazies was a dream for Seth Scott '17. Turns out Scott will have an even better seat than any Duke University basketball fan for this upcoming season. Scott is one of four Duke students who have been selected as a team manager for the Blue Devils. Their first official home game in Cameron Indoor Stadium is a November 10 matchup with Elon. Scott, who is a former Christ School basketball player, took a break from his classes in Durham to discuss the big opportunity.

Question: I'm sure most people are wondering, what is the process for becoming a Duke basketball manager?

Answer: First, I submitted a cover letter and an application. From that pool, I was selected for a formal interview. After that, they narrowed it down again. The second-round interview was much less formal and more personality-based, just getting to know the guys, and see if we were a good fit. After a few days of reviewing interviews and discussing logistics, they narrowed down the candidates to four. Thankfully, I was one of those four.

Question: When does practice start?

Answer: Official practice started Friday. We're starting to get rolling. I think every freshman at Duke looks forward to that first home game. I've never been to a Duke game. I grew up a North Carolina kid, a Christ School kid. I've just always rooted for Duke. It felt natural.

Question: How is everything else going as college freshman?

Answer: It's been a lot of fun so far. It's definitely been difficult at the same time. Christ School prepared me and made the transition easier. I've been excelling in my classes, and my past experiences have allowed me to connect with the school and the opportunities it provides. Right now I am thinking I may major in Economics, but that is liable to change. There are so many different fields here, and I might consider other things to immerse myself in.

Question: You touched on it already, but how did a Christ School education prepare you for Duke?

Answer: Christ School definitely taught me a lot and I am ready to apply those things. I learned how to be professional, how to handle classes I'm struggling with. Math has always been my toughest subject. You learn how to utilize the resources you are provided. One of the big things for me right now is I'm looking for opportunities to get active in the community the way I was at Christ School.