Samuel James '13 Eyes Future in Theater

Samuel James '13, left, has directed and starred in plays at Maine's Bates College. (Photo: Bates College)

Samuel James '13 Eyes Future in Theater

College graduation coming soon for Greenie thespian

Samuel James '13 has begun his final semester at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, and it's a busy one. James's senior thesis will be a 50-page summation of his performance in a play called "Private Eyes." The Theater major, who is minoring in English, has been involved in plays at Bates since his freshman year. James has not only been an actor, but a director and artistic director as well. James recently took a few minutes to talk about his many achievements as a thespian and hopes for the future.

Question: Tell me about your part in "Private Eyes?"

Answer: I am playing a guy named Matthew. It's sort of a confusing plot to explain. The guy is married to his female co-star, so I am essentially an actor playing an actor. Auditions are being held right now, and I'm looking forward to it. We just began classes (last week)."

Question: I understand you had an eventful summer?

Answer: Yes. I did a summer program in Oxford, England, called the British American Drama Academy. I got the chance to spend time with other graduate and undergraduate students who were studying Shakespeare.

Question: What are your post-graduation plans?

Answer: I'm definitely hoping to continue working in the theater as an actor and director. Right now, I'm looking at internships with theater companies, and applying to graduate schools for acting.

Question: What are your memories of Christ School, and how did your experiences here prepare you for college?

Answer: I still keep in touch with Mrs. Dillon. I keep in touch regularly with a lot of friends from the Class of 2013. Being at Christ School challenged me academically, but there was a really incredible support system, too, that really fostered my academic pursuits. I go to a small liberal arts college. It's very easy for me to relate to my professor and directors because I had that type of guidance at Christ School.

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