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Tue, 01/29/2019 - 1:59pm

Quiz Bowl Team Riding Momentum

Quiz Bowl Team Riding Momentum

Oohs and aahs could be heard in Monday's Assembly as the final scores were read aloud.

The question is what team at Christ School is quickly establishing a tradition with dominant wins? The answer has nothing to do with athletics.

Now in its sixth year, the current state of Greenie Quiz Bowl is perhaps best exemplified by a competition last weekend in Concord, N.C. Coach Ben Dowling proudly reported Monday to everyone in Pingree Auditorium that Christ School beat two opponents by a combined 510 points. A third team forfeited.

"It takes about five years to build a culture for something like this," Dowling said. "I don't have to sell this to the guys any more. (The enthusiasm) comes easier, you can feel it. Guys have heard about Quiz Bowl now and they're interested. I have to thank (Director of Academics & Curriculum) Brooke Depelteau and (Athletic Director) Eric Thorp '01, who have been supportive in creating more time for kids to participate. There is definitely a little momentum."

Indeed, team captain Wyatt Gildea '19, Lux Haney-Jardine '20, and Michael Mahoney '20 all represented Christ School last year in Chicago, where the Greenies appeared in the Small School National Championship Tournament for the first time. There are many other capable players waiting in the wings.

"We have high expectations," Michael said. "The chemistry is strong. For the most part, it's the same people as last year and everyone has done a good job so far."

The Quiz Bowl team practices twice a week after school. Dowling, who chairs the History Department, also goes over plenty of helpful topics in his Honors Interdisciplinary Studies course. Between the team and class, the rest of the boys taking part are Jacob Dowler '19, Will DuBose '19, T.J. Bell '19, Tyler Bell '21, Grant Haldeman '21, Tyler Haldeman '19, Matthew Luke '22, Parker Stiles '22, Chad Treadway '19, Max LeCroy '19, Porter Thompson '20, Hunter Williams '20, Colin Brazas '22, Luke Gardner '22, Jonny Mennell '22, and Charlie Thomas '21.

Last weekend's competition was the first for the Quiz Bowl team since October. The Greenie have three tournaments scheduled for February.

"The guys have been very faithful about practicing, even without matches. It's all about rhythm," Dowling said.

"When we know a question, we are answering it before the question ends and that's huge in a close match. There's a great camaraderie with this group that feeds into itself. They all rely on each other to cover certain topics. The guys are invested in each other. It's another one of those great vignettes at Christ School where an activity is contributing to the overall campus life."