Preston Coleman '17 Dives into College Acting

Preston Coleman '17 Dives into College Acting

Elon University freshman cast in fall play

Preston Coleman '17 wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to the fine arts. Christ School got to witness this passion firsthand, and now it is Elon University's turn. Coleman, who is from Beaufort, S.C., talked about his time so far as a freshman acting major.

Question: How has your first year of college been so far at Elon?

Answer: Life at Elon so far is great! I couldn't imagine myself at a different school. After a long and stressful audition process, I was lucky enough to get a spot in Elon's BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Acting program. With that being said, I am one of 18 freshmen acting majors at Elon. As an acting major, I'm currently taking two academic classes and three theater classes which is amazing! It makes it a lot easier to go to class when you're doing something you love to do.

Question: What type of productions are you involved in at the moment?

Answer: I am extremely fortunate to say that I am currently cast in Elon's fall play, American La Ronde, as an understudy. La Ronde is all about modern relationships and exploring them through scenes of sexuality and violence. Definitely not a play Christ School could or should produce! As an understudy, I am able to attend rehearsals and learn from my director without having the stress of performing every night, unless my overstudy for some reason cannot perform during the show's run. La Ronde runs October 5-11 in Roberts Studio Theatre here at Elon.

Question: What are your memories of Christ School, and how has it influenced you or helped you get to where you are now?

Answer: My fondest memory at Christ School is starting SCATE (Sharing Creative Arts Through Expression) Night with Ms. Baldwin, Mrs. Dillon, and Father Brown, along with many talented students. SCATE Night was an outlet for students to show their artistic talents to students and faculty who truly cared about the arts and having the opportunity to be apart of it was amazing. Other memories include being apart of the award-winning cast of The Complete History of America: Abridged and being one of the first senior leaders in Gardner House.