People Matter Most to New Director of Academics & Curriculum

People Matter Most to New Director of Academics & Curriculum

Depelteau begins first year as head of Christ School's teachers

Brooke Depelteau is in daily awe of Christ School's sprawling 500-acre campus. But inanimate things such as buildings and grounds aren't what sets Christ School apart to its new Director of Academics and Curriculum.

"People talk a lot about the facilities here at Christ School, and they should. The facilities are beautiful," Depelteau said. "What sold me though was the people. I'm so impressed by the character, commitment, and pride that people feel in this school. People are here because they want to be here. They are committed to the vision and mission of the school. Their work can be busy and demanding at times, but above all else, they are outstanding individuals who are passionate about education."

Depelteau shared the philosophy she will bring to Christ School as head of its teaching faculty. "I believe in student-centered education," she said. "The goal is to make sure each of the boys here is being his best self and is challenged in a way that is appropriate. I'm still learning the culture, but I'm excited about opening day and the excitement of having the students back here."

Depelteau began her duties two weeks ago. She comes to Christ School from Connecticut's Suffield Academy, where she was Assistant Academic Dean for the past four years. Name a position and the Rabun Gap native has probably held it throughout her educational career. Depelteau has been a teacher, an adviser, a dorm parent, and has served as a director in admissions, student leadership, outdoor programs, and summer programs. She even once worked as a contractor in the Pentagon.

After graduating with distinction from Presbyterian College in 1997, Depelteau furthered her own education with a degree in Master in Public Administration, with a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, from the University of Georgia in 2004. She received a degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from George Washington University in 2013.

Depelteau affectionately refers to herself as "a campus brat." She grew up in and around her hometown's Rabun Gap-Nacoochee, later graduating from the Georgia independent school in 1997. That was her first exposure to Christ School, as the Greenies compete in the Carolinas Athletic Association with athletic teams from Rabun Gap.

"I've always known Christ School was here," Depelteau said. "It's just wonderful here. Asheville is such an eclectic city. Then you drive down this road and come out at this beautiful gate to a 500-acre campus. On top of that, everyone has been so kind and welcoming."

Outside of work, Depelteau enjoys traveling and partaking in outdoors activities with her family. Depelteau's husband, Jeff, will be part of the College Guidance office and an Associate Head Coach for basketball starting this school year. The couple have two sons, Maxwell, who is 7 years old, and Bryson, who is 3.

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