No Slowing Down for Joey Cinque '17

No Slowing Down for Joey Cinque '17

Christ School lacrosse's all-time leading scorer now excelling in college

Easily one of the most lasting images from Christ School lacrosse's 2017 season is the program's all-time leading scorer raising his arms to the heavens. It was in that moment that Joey Cinque '17 knew the Greenies had gotten over the hump and won their first state championship in the sport. The photo of Cinque's celebration from last May's 18-2 win over Charlotte Country Day was splashed across the cover of The Galax magazine and Asheville Citizen-Times newspaper. And while it was the final home game for Cinque, it was hardly the end for a player who scored 176 career goals at Christ School. Cinque was recently named the Newcomer of the Year for all sports at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla. He also garnered a spot on the Sunshine State Conference's All-Freshman Team after leading the Tars in goals (30). Cinque and Rollins wrapped up their season April 26 with a 7-7 overall record.

Question: What was it like to make an impact right away in your first college season?

Answer: It felt really good and I had a fun time playing this year. Especially not having to sit on the bench for the first year. Adjusting to college lacrosse was easier for me because of everything I had done at Christ School. Just the way that Coach (Jeff) Miles had prepared me. It really wasn't that hard to get used to a new style of play. We left a couple games out there, losing by one or two goals. We're a young team with a lot of potential.

Question: What was the hardest adjustment you had to make?

Answer: Just going from the top of the totem pole to the bottom, from a senior to a freshman. The size difference and pace of the game.

Question: Do you know what you're going to major in at Rollins? And what are your summer plans now that the season is over?

Answer: I'm pretty sure my major is going to be International Business. I'm going to be playing in a men's league in Delray Beach (Fla.)

Question: What about your experience at Christ School stands out, and how did it prepare you for college?

Answer: When I look back, obviously the state championship is something I'm always going to remember. Also living with Riley Smith '17 and Will Iorio '17, too. Just having your best friends around you at all times. It's the same thing as college lacrosse, and I was ready to walk in and feel comfortable around the guys. Living in the dorms at Christ School made the transition easier. I knew how to do my laundry and keep my room clean.