New Role Suits Ramsey

New Role Suits Ramsey

Christ School's Dean of Campus Life runs six dorms

No two days are the same at Christ School. Ron Ramsey can definitely attest in his sixth year as a faculty member.

The head of the Outdoor Program and Science instructor has taken on a new role for 2018-19: Dean of Campus Life.

Ramsey is responsible for the day-to-day operation of six dorms – Cuningham, Gardner, Harris, Noland, South Carolina, and Young. He provides support for house parents and senior leaders, then steps in when needed to find solutions and keep everything running smoothly. Ramsey also helps coordinate on-campus activities and community service opportunities.

"It's exciting. It's gives me the opportunity to see the growth that the students make daily," Ramsey said. "I really like the new students. They're an amazing bunch. And I've really been impressed by the senior leadership and the new faculty, and what they are bringing in terms of experience. Everyone has been so engaged and easy to work with."

Whether it's a classroom or dorms, Ramsey enjoys seeing brotherhood among the boys develop organically at Christ School. Ramsey is also a fan of any Greenie who isn't afraid to try something and fail.

The second week of classes at Christ School has been eventful. There was a campus-wide Dorm Cookout on Monday night and a Big Brother event on Wednesday. At the latter, juniors and seniors got a chance to meet younger Greenies who they will mentor.

"The atmosphere is good right now," Ramsey said. "That was one of the most upbeat cookouts we've had since I've been here. And the new (Close-Krieger) Athletic Center is just a gamechanger. We had Monday night dodgeball in there (on August 20) and it was awesome. We've got a good bunch of students this year."