New Christ School Commercial a Big Hit

New Christ School Commercial a Big Hit

"Your Future is Coming for You" has been viewed more than 115,000 times in first week

The new commercial for Christ School has struck a chord.

"Your Future is Coming for You," a 2-minute, 10-second long advertisement produced by Affixxius Films out of the United Kingdom, has been watched more than 115,000 times since its release on September 4. Of those views, 113,000 are from Facebook alone. An Instagram trailer for the commercial has close to 12,000 views.

"The exposure and feedback from the first week of our new school commercial has been overwhelmingly positive," Assistant Headmaster Jeff Miles said. "Constituents from all eras have been helpful in sharing the video, which has captured over 115,000 views in just one week. The video will serve as the centerpiece for a new digital marketing plan this year."

The full-length version of "Your Future is Coming for You" is available to watch at any time on Christ School's main YouTube channel.

Judging from the reaction, Affixxius was successful in its vision, to create a piece for Christ School that was "bold, daring, and completely different from the norm of promotional videos for schools across the United States. Affixxius shared more details in a company press release prepared for Christ School:

"The prospect of attending a school like Christ School will be, for any young man and his family, a mixture of emotions. It would be naive to ignore the potential trepidation that comes with moving to live in a "home away from home" but what will strike any visitor to the stunning Christ School campus is the palpable sense of excitement that fills the air. It is this sense of explosive excitement and opportunity, combined with a feeling of brotherhood for which so many schools aim but so few achieve, that we were looking to bring to the fore in our film, "Your Future's Coming For You."

Grounded in an extensive, thorough and at times deeply self-reflective research process (facilitated by Affixxius Films) we have looked to tap into the essence of Christ School, not simply describe it. Our provision and facilities are remarkable, but it is what we do with them that sets us apart and endears our students so greatly to their time as a Greenie. As such we wanted to look through the eyes not of faculty or staff, but of a young man starting his journey at Christ School. He will sense serenity and energy, freedom and responsibility, opportunity and challenge. All of this is part of our story.

More than anything, however, a Greenie will throw himself at life as we threw ourselves at this production. The concept itself is bold, daring and completely different to the 'norm' of promotional videos for schools across the US. Moreover, to fully achieve the vision for the film held by school, the Executive Producer and the film's Director, our entire community needed to get behind the idea. With production requiring input from everyone from senior management to the estates team, this was a collective and brave effort – an endeavor that sums up the Christ School spirit.

The film was shot over a full week, in glorious weather, guided by a specialist crew flown in from the UK and with hundreds of students involved as cast members. Above all, filming was huge fun – a sense of enjoyment and passion for every new challenge had to ooze from the screen and that could only come through enjoyment on set. Our students worked extremely hard to meet the demands of a highly professional crew, and took everything from handling smoke grenades to driving lawnmowers in their stride.

The final result tells a fantastical story of a young man searching a seemingly empty campus before the spirit of Christ School bursts out of every door and rushes towards him. Each group that explodes onto the campus represents some area of our young man's potential future – from academics to athletics and performing arts to outdoor education – all of which seem to be coming straight at him. Driven by unexpected music, the film is powerful and vibrant, but is also willing to smile at itself. A Greenie will always stop to let a lady pass, even if he is in the middle of a stampede.

We hope that the energy and passion of our students is unquestionable to anyone who watches "Your Future's Coming For You." At the same time, we also hope that our final message rings true; that whatever the future holds for every young man in our care, we'll get him ready for it."