Student and Residential Life Awards Announced

Student and Residential Life Awards Announced

Boys who are engaged in the Christ School community, carry a positive attitude, exhibit strong character, and serve others fit the criteria that Dean of Students Drew Hyche is looking for with the monthly Student and Residential Life Award program. Hyche and Director of Campus Life Ron Ramsey announced the most recent winners in Monday's Assembly. Nominations for the awards come from the faculty.

Senior Leader of the Month: George Janvier '19. George was nominated for his ability to connect through humor and bring people closer together. "He goes above and beyond to meet people where they are and to make others feel the connection to Christ School as he feels," a faculty member said. "He is a leader who doesn't scoff at doing the work needed to make his dorm successful and to always do it with a wry smile and joke. Leaders like this remind us of what it takes to be authentic and human."

Roommates of the Month: Kiki Alcime '20 and Kojack Thompson '19. Kiki and Kojack live together in South Carolina House where the duo are "integral in the success of the dorm," a faculty member said. "Their ability to look around them and see what is needed makes them an asset to any leadership team. Yet, they serve in this capacity without titles or expectations. They serve from the heart. They serve as an example of the power of compassion, the power of being a servant leader, and the power that comes from helping those younger guys navigate the gauntlet of day-to-day life at Christ School. They are the type of leaders that every organization must have to be successful. The ones who do it from a strength of character."

Students of the Month: Wyatt Wilson '20 and Ty Besses '22. Wyatt was nominated because "he knows what needs to be done and does it," a faculty member said. "In the dorm, he is exceptional, does his job well beyond what is expected. He cares for others. He goes so far as to visit everyone in our dorm when it is their birthday and personally wishes an awesome day. He puts others first. He's a stellar student. Ty is "an amazing leader," a faculty member said. "He is hard-working, always composed and positive, and a deep thinker," another teacher said. "I find myself encouraging others to be like him, or just hang out with him because you are going to be better for it. A coach said, "he is the standard of the Christ School student-athlete."

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