Disc Golf Team Learning From a Pro

Disc Golf Team Learning From a Pro

New coach Tyburski has won two-dozen tournaments

Ken Tyburski fished one of his frisbees out of a briar patch Tuesday – even a professional disc golf player throws a wayward shot or two. But they are few and far between for one of Christ School's newest faculty members.

Tyburski has won 24 disc golf tournaments at the Masters level (40 and over) in the past four years. And making that even more impressive, he is a relative newcomer to the game. "I've only been playing eight to nine years," said Tyburski, who teaches in the Math Department. "I started playing in my 30s. What I try to impress upon the boys is that if you work at it, you'll see results."

There are presently seven boys who belong to the Christ School Disc Golf team: Robert Drennan '21, Hunter Embler '19, Lux Haney-Jardine '20, Frank Howden '22, Nicholas Loftin '18, Theo Pearson '20, and Charles Thompson '19. Weather permitting, the group practices three times a week on the Christ School course which is nine holes. The golfers go off campus once a week, and fill their fifth weekday together with a game of ultimate frisbee.

Tyburski turned pro in 2014, and along with competing, also directs tournaments and teaches clinics. He is new to the Asheville area and hoping to learn more about the local disc golf scene.

"I started playing three years ago because I didn't have a fall sport," Hunter said. "Now it's become a hobby, and I'd like to think I'm getting pretty decent at it. I really am learning a lot more than I ever have from Mr. Tyburski."

"He really knows what he's talking about," Nicholas added. "It's fun to get outside and play. I'm not really big into sports, but this is a sport that anyone can play."

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