Greenies Buy Low, Sell High in Stock Market Challenge

Davis Crook '18 is one of the students taking part in the Christ School stock market challenge

Greenies Buy Low, Sell High in Stock Market Challenge

Virtual trading game a hit with students, faculty

Davis Crook '18 can say he understands firsthand how fortunes have been made and lost in the stock market. Davis is not rubbing shoulders on Wall Street, but trading virtual stocks through the website MarketWatch on his laptop at Christ School.

"It's an online simulation with real-time feeds of the stocks. Whatever happens with the stock market, happens to your stock," Davis explained. "I've always liked economics, it's what I want to major in when I get to college. I'm looking forward to picking up more tips and strategies."

Truly, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at Christ School. Between now and December 5 Greenie students, and even a couple of faculty members, will be part of a stock market challenge. Every player has been allotted $20,000 in virtual funds to spend how they like. The rest of campus will get periodic updates on the stock market challenge's standings during assembly, with the top performers being eligible for real cash prizes.

The stock market challenge is an extension of the two-year old Christ School Investment Club, which was founded by Adam Pollard '18. Adam is advanced enough in investing that he already has a certification in analyzing stock futures. Moving forward, Adam will be heading up classes that meet every three weeks to discuss investment strategy. The meetings will be held in Math teacher Michael Amato's classroom.

So far, Davis said he has invested in gold, the technology company AeroVironment, and AON Risk Solutions. The stock market challenge began September 5, but there is still time for students to join in. They may do so by emailing Adam or Davis through their Christ School accounts.

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