Greenies Embrace Debate

Will DuBose '19

Greenies Embrace Debate

Everything up for discussion in Christ School's newest club

Will DuBose '19 gets a gleam in his eye when he overhears fellow Christ School students challenging one another's ideas and opinions. The topics could range from politics to pop culture, and everything in between.

Will wants to refine those disagreements as president of the Debate Club.

An organizational meeting was held Monday. Olga Mahoney is the faculty advisor for Christ School's newest club.

"We want to create an environment where we can share and listen to one another without necessarily having to win, or beat anyone," Will said. "A lot of the times, the debates here are not as productive as they can be. If just a couple kids are shouting at each other, no one is really listening to what they have to say. When I first came here, my thing was arguing politics and there was plenty of material with an election year coming up. I just argued my way through my freshman year. I never really stopped liking it."

The Debate Club will choose its own topics, then research both sides before every meeting. There is no set format for the debates. The first topic? Which is a greater television show, "The Office" or "Parks and Recreation?"

"We'll debate literally everything," Will said.

The Debate Club is one avenue for opinionated Greenies to have their voice heard. There are others as well. For example, Mahoney holds debates in her Public-Speaking class, Connor Booher '20 and Miles Gardner '20 started a Politics Discussion Club this school year, and the Medical Interest Club was set to debate end-of-life issues in its latest meeting.