Bloom Hamner

Fri, 04/05/2019 - 6:50pm

Greenie Juniors Join National Honor Society

Greenie Juniors Join National Honor Society

Twenty-seven members of Christ School's Class of 2020 were inducted into the National Honor Society on Friday.

Science instructor Brent Harris made introductory remarks and all juniors were asked to stand during Assembly in Pingree Auditorium. Director of Academics & Curriculum Brooke Depelteau announced the following new inductees, who joined NHS members from the Class of 2019 on stage:

Jack Adams, Justice Ajogbor, Cameron Akers, Jackson Bewley, Connor Booher, Nathaniel Carson, Aaron Chen, Joseph Coladonato, James Coleman, Thomas Doss, Jack DuBose, Henry Duggins, Max Field, Wesley Garbee, Miles Gardner, Andrew Hammel, Jim Huang, Richard Lytle, Michael Mahoney, Max Masiello, Kevin Masson, Steve Papakonstantinou, Max Redic, William Saye, Patrick Shea, Porter Thompson, and Richard Zantzinger.

"Although there is no way to completely measure up someone's potential, there are some measures that will earn you the distinction of membership in the National Honor Society," Harris said.

Those cumulative marks for rising seniors are:

1. High scholastic achievement (a weighted 3.75 GPA). 
2. Honorable character in your community (a clean judiciary and honor record). 
3. Dedication to the service of others (going above and beyond your yearly service requirement).