English Teacher Speaks at Diversity Forum

English Teacher Speaks at Diversity Forum


Fraser is a second-year member of Christ School faculty

Kyle Fraser returned to his old stomping grounds on February 9, and came back fulfilled.

The Christ School English teacher was one of the featured speakers at a diversity forum hosted by North Cross School in Roanoke, Va.

Fraser and fellow 2012 North Cross graduate Paul Ross were asked to talk about their friendship, which prospered throughout independent school. Fraser reflected on his experiences as an African-American student-athlete for the Raiders. Ross – who is Caucasian – shared his side as well.

A portion of their talk has been posted to YouTube.

"The important thing for Paul and I was that we conveyed the message that being different than one of your peers doesn't have to present a conflict or problem," Fraser said. "Instead, it can be a great opportunity to learn about another person and their culture in the process. Paul and I recognized these same opportunities throughout our own 19-year friendship. It's a shame that too many people are afraid or don't have the opportunity to get out of their bubbles, but North Cross has been intentional about making sure this happens for their students, and I really appreciate that."

Fraser has been a member of the Christ School faculty for two years. He also attended college in Virginia (at Hampden-Sydney) before beginning his career as a teacher and football/lacrosse coach with the Greenies.