Conrad Ma '15 Stays Connected to Business Aspirations

Conrad Ma '15 Stays Connected to Business Aspirations

Morehead-Cain Scholar is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill

Although his home is in Beijing, China, Morehead-Cain Scholar Conrad Ma '15 is well on his way to making a name for himself here in the United States. A senior at the University of North Carolina who is majoring in Computer Science and a minoring in Entrepreneurship, Ma says he has benefitted from the Morehead-Cain network of alumni; in fact, one of these contacts took him to California's Bay Area for an internship with domain and web hosting company GoDaddy during the summers after his sophomore and junior years. At UNC, Ma is a member of the club golf team and has served as the vice president of technology for the Kenan Flagler Business School's Business Technology Club. He has also continued a hobby that earned him fame during his time at CS: beatboxing. After college he plans to move to the Bay Area in a management position, allowing him to pursue his fascination with "the intersection of business, design, and user research."

Question: What have you been up to this summer?

Answer: For the second year in a row, I worked in the Bay Area with GoDaddy as a product manager intern; I love the team and am grateful for the mentorship. The peer interns are inspirational and kind human beings. The work focuses on how to enhance the small-medium business productivity through CRM tools. Our team ended up winning the Intern Hackathon. I am really excited and thankful.

Question: How demanding is the course load at UNC, and what do you plan to do after college?

Answer: The UNC course load is as hard as you make it. There are classes that keep you on your toes with challenging assignment and exams. Thankfully, there is a strong team of professors and teaching assistants to support you. Furthermore, Christ School prepares students well for the academic demands of college.

Question: What has it meant to be a Morehead-Cain Scholar?

Answer: First of all, I am deeply grateful that Christ School provided the opportunity, and prepared me for, the scholarship. Morehead-Cain places tremendous emphasis on the importance of one's character. Beyond academic, extra-curricular, and service accomplishments, integrity, honesty, and kindness are the foundational elements of being a scholar.

Question: You were famous for you beatboxing at CS and even traveled to pursue it, is that something you have continued?

Answer: Not sure if I live up to the word "famous," but I am indeed grateful for the support of the CS community in encouraging beatboxing. I have been practicing and performing for people since graduation, but I would surely like more time to continue.

Question: What are your memories of CS and how did it prepare you for college?

Answer: There are so many. If I have to name one, it would be during Asheville School Week at the bonfire in the open field. That entire week teaches school spirit and what it meant to be a member of the team. Those qualities are tremendously instrumental in one's understanding of being part of a purpose bigger than oneself.