Connor Graeber '16 Finds His Voice

Connor Graeber '16 Finds His Voice

Greenie to audition for "America's Got Talent" TV show

Connor Graeber '16 may be considered a late bloomer when it comes to musical performance. Better late than never. Graeber has found his voice, literally, in the past seven months and is now poised to try out for the reality TV show "America's Got Talent" on December 15 in his hometown of Charlotte. Last summer, Graeber recorded a version of Frank Sinatra's "I've Got You Under My Skin." Those at Christ School who have heard Graeber's version agree that the Greenie evokes "Ol' Blue Eyes" well. Outside the studio, big things are happening for the Wake Forest University junior, too. Graeber declared his major in Communication only two weeks ago.

Question: Where does your interest in music stem from?

Answer: Music has always been my passion. Now it's something that I'm looking to explore more and possibly do something with it. I didn't start singing seriously until seven months ago. I was just waiting for the right time. It's something I practice every day and a great passion of mine. I'm working with a vocal coach now. I'm so grateful that I can find the time to work on it and explore it more.

Question: Tell me a little more about your audition?

Answer: I signed up for it about a month ago. "America's Got Talent" is coming to Charlotte. I'm just going to go and try and give myself the best chance I can, try and showcase my uniqueness as a singer. I just want to try my best to be prepared. I don't know if I would say it's going to be the biggest day of my life, but it's going to be important to see where I'm at. I'm looking forward to showcasing myself.

Question: What type of music are you into?

Answer: I like anything from swing to big band and soul. I do like traditional pop music like the Michael Buble's, Tony Bennett's, and Frank Sinatra's. I also listen to modern pop and hip hop, singers like Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. I've always been most comfortable with traditional pop. It's what I've worked at the most and what makes me unique. It's always been my true love, that kind of music. But it doesn't mean I don't like singing modern pop.

Question: I'm sure you've gotten a lot of positive feedback and that's been encouraging?

Answer: For the most part, yes. It's hard for me (to accept compliments) because I'm always trying to get better. I just try and take everyone at their word. Although I do like it when family members or friends say they like a song, I just want to improve, day by day.

Question: It wasn't that long ago for you, but what are your memories of your time at Christ School?

Answer: When I first got there, I was on the shier, secluded side. I was put into a new environment and didn't know what to do. After three months, I realized that Christ School is a community where you have to branch out. Of course, the teachers were fabulous and you were allowed to explore different things. I learned that it was OK to fail and try new things. But the relationships that I built is what comes to mind, first and foremost. Meeting different people from different states and different countries. Making relationships with all kinds of people from different backgrounds is what was most important to me.