Christ School Full of Eagle Scouts

Christ School Full of Eagle Scouts

Award is highest possible rank given out by Boy Scouts of America

Math instructor Ken Tyburski feels a strong kinship to every Eagle Scout in the world.

Tyburski was humbled, but not surprised to find he has lots of company at Christ School.

There are at least 11 Greenies who have attained the highest rank possible from the Boy Scouts of America – Ashton Beaver '19, Bennett David '18, Brian Li '18, Coleman Davis '18, Henry Duggins '20, James Coleman '20, James Lilly '19, Sawyer Duhaime '18, Will Rasco '18, William David '21, and Zack Grinde '19. Many former Christ School students have preceded them as Eagle Scouts, too, even though only four percent of boys ever pass the review process.

"Being an Eagle Scout is part of a brotherhood of motivated leaders dedicated to each other, serving the community, and adhering to a set of positive precepts," Tyburski said.

"It is a collection of experiences from my youth that I will never forget. The Eagle Scout Award is something I would choose to always include on my resume. Regardless of whatever positions I hold throughout my life, people in all walks of life understand that the Eagle Scout Award is a final reward for years of hard work and dedication."

Boys Scouts must earn at least 21 merit badges to be eligible for the rank of Eagle Scout. They also need to complete an extensive service project. Tyburski built a bus-stop shelter for his neighborhood of Blairs, Va., back in the summer of 1992.

Two years ago, Coleman blazed a quarter-mile long trail through the Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge in his hometown of Swan Quarter, N.C.

"To be an Eagle means to me that I must have integrity in my everyday life," Coleman said. "I also need to act as a leader to those who have less experience than I do. I must treat everyone equally, and do so with a light heart."

Over time, many Eagle Scout projects have resulted in accents to the Christ School campus. Sawyer passed his board of review just last month for creating a space where fellow Greenies could hang hammocks.